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dreamsexists since 2000 and is located in Ter Heijde By the Sea, in Het Westland, tussen Den Haag en Rotterdam in. Bij Dreams Surfschool leer je surfen in de Noordzee en krijg je surfles van instructeurs met een geldig internationaal Lifeguard diploma. Zo zorgen wij voor continue kwaliteit van onze surflessen waarbij veiligheid voorop staat.
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Dare to dream and dare to go for your dreams! Fall and get up again and especially do a lot of fun. That's the ' dreams Feeling '.
dreams is a home base for children and adults, because we teach in sports that are age-independent, age is not important in dreams . What could be more beautiful than a child of 8 years old who gives his father surf tips, or that a 16-year-old at the skate park teaches skating of a 12-year-old? Impossible in many sports, dreams Not.

Dreams Gevoel
Paul Gandhi

dreams exists since 2000, our heart lies with the sports and activities that we prefer to practise, for example skateboarding and surfing. dreams Consists A team Young and enthusiastic professionals, athletes and creatives who each have a unique way to convey their passion. All dreams Instructors are in possession of a V.O.G. and always work according to the same safety principle.

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