• Duration: 1 hour

  • Age: from 5 till 14 years

  • 1 jongleer instructeur per 10 kinderen. Bij meer dan 10 kinderen werken wij met extra instructeurs

€ 90,-


Juggling children's Party

Juggling the children's party is much more than just throwing with balls! When juggling, it's all about dexterity. You will learn juggling juggling at the children's party Young leather balls, diabolo, devil sticks and Chinese plates. We always make one big party, it seems like a circus! Surely that is the nicest!

Juggling stuff is also a very great verjaardagskado, Like this at Dreamsshop. Tip: Question Dreamsshop Gift Vouchers To everyone who comes to your party.

Additional Information

The juggling children's party is one and all art and flying work, concentration, lots of fun and is also very good for your eye-hand coordination! We make one big circus, with all kinds of young leather articles and a slackline. At the juggling children's party we always start with an easy exercise and go a step further so that it is possible for everyone to learn to juggle. At Slacklinen it comes to your feeling for balance, accompanied by a seasoned athlete from dreams Learn to balance on a tense band. Compare it with string dancing in the circus, but then for beginners, the height is only a few centimeters above the ground. Difficult? No, though. Step by step you become handy and after a while you dance from left to right. One thing is certain, you go home with a big smile!

The birthday party is festively closed with a dreams Goodie for all kids!

The juggling child's party can be extended with other fun activities like LongboardenReading Or Beachcombing And of course much more. A birthday party can be arranged and combined, in dreams You can get all sides up. Also, you can choose to dreams Surf Café Eat delicious cake and unpack your presents and combine your children's party with fries or poffertjes at Dreams Beachhouse On the beach (April through September). And finally another super delicious scoop of ice cream from dreams Surf Café Natural!


Costs: €90.00 (up to 10 kids)
Duration: 1 hour
Age: from 5 till 14 years
We employ 1 young leather instructor per 10 children. With more than 10 children we work with extra instructors, mail us in this case for a quote.

Various young learning materials (diabolo, juggling balls, devil sticks, poi and Chinese plates) and professional tutoring for young instructors.

All used young leather items are also available in our shop, Dreamsshop. Then you know immediately what you can ask for your birthday!

Easily seated clothes and fancy a party!

dreams is located in Ter Heijde By the sea, this picturesque fishing village lies on the south Holland coast between Hoek van Holland and Scheveningen. The beach of Ter Heijde is a relaxing environment. You can learn to juggle on the beach at dreams Surf School, enjoy your feet in the sand.

You can also choose to keep the party near you, maybe you know a nice park or playground where you would like to practice. And yes, even at home in the backyard you can learn to juggle!
From 10km outside Ter Heijde Transport costs are calculated.

Betaling van het kinderfeestje kan voorafgaand aan het feestje per pin of contant worden gedaan bij Dreams Shop. Dreams Shop bevindt zich op de hoek van Karel Doormanweg 23 en het Willem III Plein, naast de kerk.