• Duration: 1.5 hours

  • Age: from 6 till 14 years

  • 1 longboard leraar per 5 kinderen. Bij meer dan 10 kinderen werken wij met extra instructeurs.



Children's Party Longboarden

The children's party Longboarden at dreams Skate School is super cool! Downhill Longboarden with the wind through your hair and a smile on your face. If you already can longboarden you will learn new tricks and if you have never been on a long board you can have more than you dreamed of after the lesson! Does it seem cool to you to better learn Longboarden with your boyfriends and/or girlfriends? Come and celebrate your party at dreams Skate School.

An own long board of is a super nice verjaardagskado, as for example These complete long boards. Tip: Question Dreamsshop Gift Vouchers To everyone who comes to your party. (For a skateboard, helmet, protectors)

Additional Information

Longboarden is actually surfing, but on the street. It is a fluent form of skateboarding, with soft wheels and a flexible skateboard. During the long board children's party, the children who have never been on a long board will learn the basics of the Longboarden, make curves and make a small downhill. And the kids who already can longboarden learn tricks, like a cross step, power slide or even a hang ten! A long board can also be a great way to get from a to B instead of a bike!

The birthday party is festively closed with a dreams Goodie for all kids!

The long board children's party can be extended with other fun clinics like JugglingReading Or Beachcombing And of course much more. A birthday party can be arranged and combined, in dreams You can get all sides up. Also, you can choose to dreams Surf Café Eat delicious cake and unpack your presents and combine your children's party with fries or poffertjes at Dreams Beachhouse On the beach (April through September). And finally another super delicious scoop of ice cream from dreams Surf Café Natural!

Costs: €140.00 (upto 10 kids)/€115.00 (upto 5 kids)
Extra Kids above 10 kids: €13.00 P.P.
Duration: 1.5 hours
Age: from 6 till 14 years
We employ 1 long board teacher per 5 children. With more than 10 children we work with extra instructors.

Long boards, protectors, helmets and professional guidance skate instructor.
Do you have your own long board? Take It with you! Want your own long board? At dreams Shop We have a wide choice of long boards for you in our shop, most models you can test out during your party. Then you know immediately what you want to have for your birthday!

Easily seated clothes and shoes that can be fixed. Do you have your own long board, helmet and/or protectors? Take them with you!

Would you like to buy your own long board, protectors and/or helmet? We are happy to help you make a good choice at Dreamsshop In Ter Heijde (or online)!

At dreams Safety is paramount. Therefore we make use of the best skate materials, which are well maintained. With us the wearing of protectors and a helmet is obligatory during the lessons. Even if you can skate already. Longboarden belongs to traps. Without falling you can not learn Longboarden. Fortunately we have protectors, helmets and plasters. Most children find longboarden easier to learn than skateboarding.

dreams Skate School is located in Ter Heijde By the sea, this picturesque fishing village lies on the south Holland coast between Hoek van Holland and Scheveningen. In The dunes around Ter Heijde You can longboarden perfectly, the rolling cycle paths are ideal to learn longboarden. We prefer to Longboarden on the cycling paths in the dunes at dreams . We start in a quiet car park.
You can also choose to keep the long board children's party near you, perhaps you have a nice abandoned car park, Square, park or bike paths nearby where you would like to practice.
From 10km outside Ter Heijde Transport costs are calculated.

Betaling van het kinderfeestje kan voorafgaand aan het feestje per pin of contant worden gedaan bij Dreams Shop. Dreams Shop bevindt zich op de hoek van Karel Doormanweg 23 en het Willem III Plein, naast de kerk.