Surfing on Mothers day, that's another surprise!

Enjoy the sport on the beach together with your family at dreams Surf School in Ter Heijde . This is possible with the Mother's Day surf lesson, where you learn Surfing with your own family. On Sunday 14th May there is a surf lesson especially for mothers day. For the fourth year in a row, dreams This cosy surf lesson, a delightful outdoor activity that you will enjoy for a long time.

Surprise your mommy with a surf lesson! Book Your places at dreams Surf School and get the ' dreams Mother's Day Surf gift certificate at home, so you can give it to your mother on Mothers Day.

Mama + 1 Child: €40.00
Mama + 2 Children: €50.00
Mama + Daddy + Child: €60.00
Every next child: + €10.00

Date/time: Sunday May 14th, 13:30-15:30 pm.

What are we going to do during Mothers Day surf lesson :

At dreams Get your surf lesson in small groups of up to 6 people per instructor. There is enough attention per person and you learn to surf faster. The surf lesson lasts two hours in total. We start the golfsurfles with a theory explaining currents and tides and safety. This will take about fifteen minutes. After that you draw a wetsuit and then we take the sea for one and a half hours to put the theory into practice. During the first surf lesson you will learn the basics of the surfing.  You learn to paddle for a wave, get up and surf the foam straight. The first ride on a golf is magically beautiful, most surfers are so addicted to the feeling that they will never stop surfing again! At dreams Learn to surf under the guidance of a certified and experienced surf instructor on Softtop surfboards.